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Moving Beyond Diversity


Imagine for a moment that you had never heard of Diversity, DEI, IDEA, JEDI, Affirmative Action, ERGs, URMs, White privilege, White fragility, Black Lives Matter, Ableism, microaggressions, microaffirmations, intersectionality, ageism, HAES, or any other DEI terminology.


Hard to find good people but even harder to keep them. Productivity, innovation, and engagement are all suffering, and the commitment to your organization and mission has plummeted. You know your organization isn’t operating at full strength.

If you would do interviews with everyone in your organization, you’d actually find out you have a people problem. And that could be everything from favoritism and people being overlooked for career advancement to flat-out name-calling, stereotyping, bullying, and harassment—which all lead to a dysfunctional culture. And you might find that leadership is no different! Work relationships are strained all around.

After two decades of helping organizations move through the challenges that show up when people from different backgrounds try to work together, Tony Chatman can tell you that these are all symptoms. The real problem is

People feel less than. They feel like they don’t matter.

And they need to feel respected, valued, heard, and seen.

Beyond diversity, beyond initiatives, beyond acronyms and ism’s, are simply people who want to be seen and to matter as much as the next person. So you can mandate “Diversity Initiatives” all you want, but unless they help everyone to feel seen and feel like they matter—unless diversity, equity, and inclusion are embedded into your culture—you’ll be met with accusations of “reverse discrimination” and “unfair affirmative action,” protests of “We’re already diverse,” “Shouldn’t we just hire the most-qualified person?,” or “Shouldn’t we just focus on business?,” and more conflict and lower morale than before your initiatives were launched.

The world seems to be getting darker. Every day the media makes us all seem more polarized, hostile, intolerant, and divided than ever. But dark times can also be an opportunity to rediscover just how brightly we all can shine. Diversity initiatives can make your culture darker or brighter, depending on your commitment to push beyond mere diversity to a culture of inclusion, respect, and appreciation for all.

Let your commitment begin with a keynote for your organization or association filled with light, hope, humor, and the wisdom that can only come from a speaker and trainer who has conducted over 2,000 keynotes and trainings to help businesses, organizations, and associations go beyond diversity initiatives to creating cultures of value and respect, where diversity, equity, and inclusion aren’t just a mandate;


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to discuss your next event and how Tony can help your organization go beyond diversity acronyms and initiatives to an inclusive culture.


Participants will learn:

  • How to remove the obstacles and objections that often stalemate efforts to embed (DEI).
  • Ways to overcome fear and other emotions to build a healthy, connected workplace.
  • A powerful framework for embedding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) into your workplace culture.
  • The keys to reimagining what (DEI) can be.

Breaking Bias  Disrupting Unconscious Decisions That Lead to Unexpected Consequences

Would you be happy if your website were loading for only 25% of your visitors,
or if you were retaining 25% of your top talent,
or if only 25% of your ads were reaching the right audience?

It sounds absurd, doesn’t it—that a 25% rate of effectiveness could be considered great news or even satisfactory? And yet, study after study reveals only 15–25% of surveyed employees believe their organization’s DEI initiatives are effective[1] [2], despite overwhelming evidence that effective DEI initiatives lead to greater revenue[3] [4].

The problem is that most organizations try to mandate DEI. Diverse recruitment and hiring requirements, questions you can’t ask during interviews, communication of DEI goals, different age and cultural groups represented in leadership, and endless attempts at behavior modifications—none of these address the root cause of many of the most common DEI issues:


Did you think we were going to say Bias? SAME. THING. “Go-with-Your-Gut Thinking” is Tony-speak for unconscious bias because that’s really all it is. And it typically sounds like this:

 OBSERVATION: This person looks and sounds like me.
GUT: “I trust this person.”
CONSCIOUS BRAIN: “I’m going to hire them.”

 OBSERVATION: This person doesn’t look and sound like me.
GUT: “I don’t trust this person.”
CONSCIOUS BRAIN: “I don’t think they’re a good fit.”

So that’s Unconscious Bias? Yep. Nothing to do with making you feel guilty—just the realization that all humans are susceptible to go-with-your-gut thinking that impacts not only how they treat people but the decisions they make about people. It’s a kind of shortcut thinking. And let’s be honest, when was the last time shortcuts led to your best outcomes?

[1] Survey: What Diversity and Inclusion Policies Do Employees Actually Want?
[2] Want to improve the employee experience? Tighten the gap between action and impact in diversity and inclusion.
[3] How and Where Diversity Drives Financial Performance
[4] Diversity wins: How inclusion matters

Addressing DEI without addressing unconscious bias is like having a lightbulb without a power source: it’s there, but it’s not doing what it’s designed to do. But plug it in to the power source of unconscious bias, and now your diverse workforce can deliver on the leap in innovation, retention, productivity, and engagement it’s capable of. And just like that lightbulb,

your diverse workforce can finally, fully shine.

If everything you’ve read so far is the most refreshing take on unconscious bias and DEI you’ve heard, if you agree that a 25% rate of effectiveness in any area of operations is unacceptable, and if you’re ready to see the true power of Diversity finally working for your organization, then you’re ready for the most unique, compassionate, and entertaining voice in the Unconscious Bias and DEI space to speak to your business, organization, or association.

Reach out to Tony and his team today
to discuss your next event and how Tony can help your people shine with his paradigm-shifting Unconscious Bias keynote.


Participants will learn:

  • Identify unconscious bias blind spots which affect behavior and decisions.
  • Apply three, simple mind hacks to neutralize personal bias and its effects.
  • Remove the stigma around bias that mutes constructive conversation.
  • Understand the consequences of bias on co-worker and customer relationships.
  • Mitigate the impact of bias in order to create a truly inclusive workplace.

Deliberately Leading Through the
Disruption of Change


Change comes fast and disruption comes out of nowhere. It rattles us to our very foundations. It makes us wish that it would just go away and we could get back to what we know. You know, the “good ol’ days.” The problem is that the good ol’ days are gone. Remember Woolworth’s, Commodore computers, Blockbuster, Circuit City, MySpace, Borders, and Enron? They’re all gone. Just like the good ol’ days. And all we’ve been left with is this ominous feeling that it can also happen to our organization. 

Change and disruption are especially unsettling because you know they’re inevitable, but you don’t know how to prepare for them. They never look the same, and they can come out of nowhere. A new technology can challenge your business model, as it did for Blockbuster; a scandal can shake the foundation of your company, as it did to Enron; a social movement like #MeToo or George Floyd can divide personnel; or a cultural phenomenon like the Great Resignation can throw your workforce into an employment crisis. With 70% of organizational change initiatives likely to fail[1], don’t think this can’t happen to you. How should organizations respond?

By focusing on their people

Change and Disruption are always about people. It is the people who have to embrace the new normal and carry out the corresponding change. The truth is, it’s not the disruption that gets us; it’s how we respond. If we’re reactionary, the results can be disastrous to the productivity, morale, and stability of the organization. But for organizations that respond with intention and put their people first, change and disruption are no longer the problem; they’re the opportunity.

In “Deliberately Leading through the Disruption of Change,” Tony will share captivating stories from the field and the very latest in organizational and psychological research to show your leaders (1) how to turn the resistance of people stuck in their comfort zone into enthusiastic buy-in and (2) how to transform change and disruption into greater innovation, higher efficiency, a better customer experience, new market offerings, and increased talent retention and attraction. When your leaders are prepared to give up old habits and methodologies, your people will show up ready to innovate. And when they’re willing to let go of the status quo, your people will jump in ready to adapt to change and embrace the new reality.

Your people light up your organization with their diverse talents, abilities, and personalities. Where change and disruption are often the magnifying glass to your organization’s weaknesses, leadership can be the magnifying glass that focuses all that wonderful light into a white hot beam that can light a fire under your organization and turn disruption into opportunity.

[1] Cracking the Code of Change

Your organization is only a keynote away from making it happen
Book a call with Tony and his team today
to discuss your next event and how Tony can help your people shine with his paradigm-shifting Unconscious Bias keynote.

Leaders will learn:

  • How to respond with resilience to change and disruption.
  • The hidden secret to creating buy-in and consensus (and eliminating the past habits that hold you back).
  • How to identify and embrace change as the opportunity to skyrocket past your competitors by sparking excitement, igniting innovation, and leaving fear in the dust.
  • How to turn saboteurs into supporters and adversaries into advocates.

The Force Multiplier – Becoming an Influential and Indispensable Leader

How many times have you heard it:
“It’s hard to find good people.”

More importantly, how many times have you said it? Or thought it? When things aren’t going well, it’s easy to think you may have hired the wrong people and that the solution is to find the right people—the hard-working, committed, conscientious, and loyal people. But the solution is really much simpler:


A Force Multiplier is a leader who brings out the best in people and whose presence makes everyone around them better.

In other words, a Force Multiplier is a leader who doesn’t complain about how hard it is to find good people, because they’re too busy finding the good in your people.

When Force Multipliers see an employee who isn’t performing up to their potential, they don’t ask, “What’s wrong with this person?” but rather, “What can I do to make them better and bring out the best in them?”

This is an entirely different approach to leadership in 2023, when organizations have placed so many expectations on their leaders that they’ve lost sight of leadership’s single, most important quality: effectiveness. As Force Multipliers, your leaders can be so influential and their presence can be so impactful that you can actually measure their effectiveness in the number of organizational goals that have been met or surpassed.

It’s what you want, and you know what? It’s what your people want! The people in your organization want to shine! And they can and will shine for effective leaders and managers who will do what it takes to bring out the best in them and give them what they need to do their best work. With Force Multipliers, apathetic employees care, absent employees show up, complainers offer solutions, stonewallers compromise, and underperformers surprise.

So if you want to stop worrying about finding good people because your leaders are finding so much good in your people, and if you want to create a workforce that shines because they feel so lit up by leadership, then you need this inspiring keynote from leadership expert Tony Chatman. This keynote will give your leaders everything they need to become Force Multipliers. Tony will share with your leaders the most practical, actionable, and thoroughly tested approach to become Force Multipliers for your organization, supported by heartwarming, entertaining stories from Tony’s decade in leadership and backed by the latest research in both leadership and psychology.

Don’t wait to bring out the very best in your people.
Contact Tony and his team today
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With fresh insights, proven tools, and an extraordinary ability to provide the practical roadmap today’s leaders need, Tony teaches audiences to:

  • Build trust, loyalty, and a culture of collaboration among team members.
  • Understand the hidden reasons behind why different people do what they do.
  • Harness every team member’s inborn motivation to rise to their fullest potential.
  • Become the leader people want to follow, not the one they are forced to endure.

“The Best Speaker I Have Ever Listened to.”

Kim Reichert
Assurance Agency

“The Best Speaker I Have Ever Listened to.”

Kim Reichert
Assurance Agency

Speaker, Author and Corporate Relationship Expert

Tony Chatman

delivers the tools, strategies, and essential psychological shifts needed to better understand the people around us and learn to connect, collaborate, and create in new and powerful ways.