Teamwork may make the dream work

But leading a team can be a nightmare without the right tools!

The Force Multiplier gives leaders at all levels insight and action items to transform people (and their personalities!) into a high-performing team that gets the job done.

Learn How To:

  • Side-step the leadership pitfall of accountability without relevant training
  • Turn the adversaries into your allies
  • Deploy 7 key strategies to get the best out of everyone

Tony Chatman, an expert in human relationships and a sought – after speaker, guides you through his fresh approach to leadership. You will unlock 4 personality types that are in every workplace plus… you will get strategies to manage individuals in all-too-real situations on and away from the job.

Discover How Your Personality Can Make You a Force Multiplier

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It’s refreshing to read a book on leadership that delivers far more than just high-level principle…

P. Jones

I bought 6 copies to share with my Management Team because this book is so valuable in terms of iden..