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The fuel that powers a lit-up culture is the incredible potential of your people. But in order to harness that fuel-power, you need heat. Whether it’s transforming your leaders, overcoming unconscious bias, embedding DEI, or navigating change and disruption, Tony Chatman brings the heat that will ignite the potential in your people to create a culture that shines.

Tony has over 20 years’ experience working with some of the most successful and diverse organizations in the world—including Chase Bank, the U.S. Secret Service, Phillips 66, Clear Channel and St. Joseph’s Health. He unites the variance in people’s beliefs, backgrounds, personalities, perspectives, and levels of power by speaking to the need we all have to be seen.

As a scientist and chemical engineer and as a husband, father, and former leader of a nonprofit dedicated to improving lives and livelihoods. Tony is equal parts head and heart, combining rigorous scientific research into human behavior and psychology with a deep love for humanity and a passion for cultural transformation. With his powerful stage presence and command of his subject, Tony delivers his highly entertaining and life-changing keynotes in a way that will make each of your participants feel he is speaking directly to them, giving everyone the opportunity to grow and laugh with each other over the shared, extraordinary experience of being part of the same human family. And with Tony and his team’s finely tuned and transformative trainings, you’ll experience firsthand what it feels like to finally get to the bottom of your culture issues and experience the full power of your people.

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Tony has changed the way organizations transform leadership, overcome unconscious bias, embed DEI, and lead through change and disruption. His approach to lighting up organizational culture is like nothing you’ve ever experienced because Tony doesn’t start with trying to change how people see and value others but by changing how they see and value themselves.

“Who am I?” “What do I wish people knew about me?” These are the startling and disarming questions that help attendees and participants know right from the start that no matter who they are, where they come from, and what they believe, Tony sees them, values them, and respects them, creating a gateway for them to see, value, and respect each other.

People soon discover that Tony’s keynotes and training aren’t about trying to make them feel bad about… well, anything. Or telling them what to believe. They’re about asking, “Are the beliefs I hold about myself and others powerful enough to light up my culture—to create a culture that instills a feeling of trust, confidence, and ease with everyone who engages with it and that attracts and keeps the top talent in my industry?” Where needed, Tony has the wisdom and experience to help people develop a new set of beliefs to create a culture in which everyone feels valued, respected, and seen.

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How to Lead Teams Where Everyone Wins

The Force Multiplier gives leaders at all levels insight and action items to transform people (and their personalities!) into a high-performing team that gets the job done.

Tony Chatman, an expert in human relationships and a sought – after speaker, guides you through his fresh approach to leadership. You will unlock 4 personality types that are in every workplace plus… you will get strategies to manage individuals in all-too-real situations on and away from the job.

Get ready to amplify your results,
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