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Each of us has to deal with change. Change that is necessary, purposeful, and planned can provide a wonderful opportunity for growth. However, change that comes out of nowhere can be disruptive. Disruption pulls us out of our comfort zones and shakes our foundations. It erodes our sense of control and often elicits emotional reactions, such as anxiety, anger, disorientation, and depression. Think about major disruptions you’ve lived through—the COVID-19 pandemic, for example. Were you scared? Anxious? Disoriented? Unsure what
Last year I hosted a going away party for a close friend. It was a small gathering of some of his closest relationships. Within two weeks of the party, my friend would be deployed to Afghanistan where he would spend the next year aiding the military reduction in force.As he sat in my living room pondering his uncertain future, we each took turns, expressing our love for he and his family, providing words of encouragement, and vowing to protect and
I’ve heard the conversation a hundred times. I can’t tell you how it starts, but at some point, a manager says, “We need to figure out a way to hire better people. It’s hard to find good people who work harder and show more initiative. If we just hire the right people we can increase our engagement.” They’ll often throw in, “This generation just doesn’t like to work.” It’s as though there is something wrong in the hiring process and