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Tony has worked with hundreds of corporations and government agencies including the U.S. Secret Service, Chase Bank, Estee Lauder, N.O.A.A. and N.A.S.A. to help people reach new heights of effectiveness by understanding themselves and others better. As a leadership keynote speaker, his passion is contagious and his messages provide practical, usable knowledge that people implement immediately for business and personal success. Recognized for his stage presence and intensity, Tony delivers the kind of results that consistently garner outstanding and enthusiastic reviews. His profound ability to connect with every audience members ensures they come away feeling that he spoke directly to them and impacted by his message. Tony’s book, The Force Multiplier – How to Lead Teams Where Everyone Wins is a game-changer!

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Breaking Bias  Disrupting Unconscious Decisions That Lead to Unexpected Consequences

Study after study show that increased Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)  correlates with increased organizational productivity, retention, innovation, and resilience.  Yet historically, most organization’s efforts to address DEI have neither improved DEI nor produced the desired benefits.  Policy changes, accountability, diversity training; none of them reached their desired results. Why?  Because they failed to address unconscious bias.  Any effort to address DEI without addressing bias, especially unconscious bias, is doomed to failure.  Bias that goes beyond race and gender. Bias with the potential to permeate every decision leadership makes, often without ever realizing it.

So how do you uncover unconscious bias without destroying morale and performance?  That’s where Unconscious Bias Expert and Keynote Speaker Tony Chatman comes in.  In this program, we will explore human thinking shortcuts—what they are, how they occur, and why they may be causing us to have biased reactions that we don’t intend or notice. We will look at ways we can reduce our own unconscious biases, while also looking at ways we can change our business practices to minimize the impact of cognitive bias without playing the blame game.

Tony will help you uncover the strategies to create a culture that attracts the best and the brightest – and keep them. In this powerful and insightful session your team will learn how to:

Your team will learn how to:

  • Create clarity about unconscious bias blind spots which affect behavior and decisions
  • Apply three simple mind hacks to neutralize personal bias and its effects
  • Remove the stigma around bias that mutes constructive conversation
  • Identify the impact of bias on co-worker and customer relationship
  • Prevent or reduce the consequence of bias in order to create a truly inclusive workplace

Invite Tony in to your next event and help your team not only ensure that bias isn’t interfering with your organization’s success – but help them sleep better at night knowing they’ve got the tools they need to succeed in today’s diverse world.

Deliberately Leading Through the
Disruption of Change

Life, and business, comes at us fast in today’s world. Pandemics. New technology. Different rules. Increased processes. And often with little or no warning. 

Yet most efforts to implement or adapt to change fall dramatically short of their goal because they fail to address the people side of change.  Organizational change is always about people; it’s people who have to let go of old habits and methodologies, it’s people who have to learn and embrace a new situation and it’s people who have to live in the new reality of change. 

Tony Chatman helps both leaders and associates see beyond the products and processes of change to the heart of the matter, the journey everyone must go through to make the change stick.  With empowering tools, and solution-fueled strategies based in human psychology, people will learn: 

Leaders will learn:

  • Respond effectively and expertly to shifting economies and market disruptors 
  • The hidden secret to creating buy-in and consensus (and eliminating the past habits that hold you back)
  • How to identify and embrace change as the opportunity and leverage it is to leave fear in the dust and skyrocket past your competitors
  • What every member needs to know about turning saboteurs into surrogates and adversaries in to advocates

Deliver the reinvention tools your leadership team needs to deal with disruption and leverage change for all it’s worth. Invite Tony Chatman to your next leadership event.

The Force Multiplier – Becoming an Influential and Indispensable Leader

Great leaders are _____. What would you use to fill in the blank? Collaborative? Influential? Visionary? Empowering? Resilient?  Empathetic? Creative?  Authentic? Those are all great and important. 

But what about effective?  What if a leader could be all of the things listed while being incredibly effective?  Effective to where you could actually measure the positive impact of their presence.  That’s where the Force Multiplier comes in.  When leaders become Force Multipliers, the overall effectiveness and output of their group is increased simply by their very presence.  They bring out the best in each and every resource they come into contact with, and they increase the value of all of the organization’s assets.

How do they get there? With proven, real-world, psychology-based strategies and insights into what it takes to amplify their influence through relationships, actions, and words that elevate individuals to perform at their highest potential not just willingly, but eagerly. The how-to’s for doing just that is what Leadership Keynote Speaker Tony Chatman delivers. 

With fresh insights, proven tools, and an extraordinary ability to provide the practical roadmap today’s leaders need, Tony teaches audiences to:


  • Rise to the challenge of leading through change and diversity
  • Respond effectively and expertly to shifting economies and market disruptors
  • Build trust, loyalty, and a culture of collaboration amongst team members
  • Transform adversaries into allies
  • Empower every team member to rise to their fullest potential

From the front line to the executive corner office – everyone has the ability to multiply their influence and become the kind of force that drives not only results, but brings people together. Invite Tony in to share “the force” with your team.

Stop Settling 4 Less – Moving From the Hand You’re Dealt to the Life You Want

One day you sit down and think, “This isn’t where I thought I’d be in life right now.  I expected to do so much more.  To be so much more.”  And you should have, but somewhere, things changed and you traded in the life for which you were designed for the life your circumstances defined.   Tony completely gets it.  At the age of 40, he looked at his life, and the direction he was headed and he made a simple decision.  He decided that it’s time to stop settling for anything less than the life he desired, the life he deserved.  Now it’s your turn.

This program can be the first step to a whole new life.  It will help to ignite your inner passion and fuel your success.  You will shake off the hurts of the past and dare to dream again and rediscover your limitless potential.  Yet, this is not just about motivation and inspiration.  You will receive practical tools and techniques that will immediately improve the quality of your life. You will leave transformed, headed towards a life of success and leaving a legacy for future generations.

Tony Chatman will share how to:

  • Discover strategies to detoxify your life of negative influences and people
  • Develop a mindset of success instead of expecting others to make you great
  • Free yourself from the hurts, failures and experiences of the past that cause self doubt
  • Learn to view stepping out of your comfort zone as an adventure instead of as a risk

Take control of your life and help others do the same.  Begin your personal transformation, remove hindering roadblocks,  and never settle for less than the live you’ve imagined again. Invite Tony Chatman to your next event today.

“The Best Speaker I Have Ever Listened to.”

Kim Reichert
Assurance Agency

“The Best Speaker I Have Ever Listened to.”

Kim Reichert
Assurance Agency

Leadership Speaker, Author, and Corporate Relationship

Expert Tony Chatman

delivers the tools, strategies, and essential psychological shifts needed to better understand the people around us and learn to connect, collaborate, and create in new and powerful ways.