You’re Not Hiring Bad People, You’re Making Bad People

I’ve heard the conversation a hundred times. I can’t tell you how it starts, but at somepoint, a manager says, “We need to figure out a way to hire better people.   It’s hard tofind good people who work harder and show more initiative. If we just hire the rightpeople we can increase our engagement.” They’ll […]

When It Comes To Bad Managers, I Say Blame The Parents

We’ve all seen it, whether at a mall, a playground, our kid’s school or even whilevisiting family, we’ve all had the unfortunate privilege of seeing some ill mannerednon-behaving, tantrum throwing child. Regardless of whether or not we areshocked, alarmed, or disgusted by this child’s behavior, there is somethingespecially egregious when we see the child acting […]

Workplace Violence – Surprised This Happens Or Surprised It Doesn’t Happen More?

The recent tragedy at a lower Manhattan federal building where a former employee shotand killed a guard before taking his own life was shocking; it was horrendous, but was itreally surprising? Over the next few weeks, many will focus on the gunman’s recent accident and hissubsequent medications. Others will question whether he suffered from a […]

In The Leaders Vs. Managers Debate, Managers Are Getting A Raw Deal

Nowadays you can’t go 20 minutes without seeing an article contrasting leaders andmanagers. Leaders are described as those who inspire, motivate, and empower. Theyestablish direction, create vision and clarify the big picture. Managers by contrast planand organize. They oversee a team of employees, manage schedules and activities,establish rules and procedures, provide structure and ensure that […]

The Need For Good Followers

Everyone wants to be a leader. People study leadership and many measure their value inthe workplace by the level of leadership they obtain, pursuing it as though it is theultimate professional goal. But not everyone can or should be a leader at work. Moreimportantly, if everyone were to lead, who would follow? Who would actually […]

Are You An Expendable Leader?

Last year I hosted a going away party for a close friend. It was a small gathering ofsome of his closest relationships. Within two weeks of the party, my friend wouldbe deployed to Afghanistan where he would spend the next year aiding the militaryreduction in force. As he sat in my living room pondering his […]

A Simple Solution to Our Most Pressing Leadership Issue

Last year, leadership rose to become one of the most pressing talent challenges faced byglobal organizations. Deloitte University Press stated, “nearly 9 out of 10 global HR andbusiness leaders (86 percent) cited leadership as a top issue.” This, coupled with thewidening gap between organizational leadership needs and leaders available to meetthose needs indicates what many […]

5 Phrases You Never Say to an Angry Person at Work (or anywhere else)

Conflict at work has always been a problem, but with the recently added stresses of thenational recession and the mortgage crises the problem is sky-rocketing. In fact, theCenter for Disease Control has classified workplace violence as a national epidemic.Whether you are concerned about violence in the workplace, want to help reduce tensionand improve morale at […]

5 Hidden Killers of Employee Motivation

One of the most asked questions I receive from business owners and managers is “Whatare some things I can do to motivate my people?” This conversation takes on manyforms but usually starts off with the idea that it is so hard to find good talent. Thequestions I hear are “Why is it so hard to […]

5 Behaviors of Bad Bosses

Bad Bosses are everywhere and we’ve all had them. They come in all shapes and sizes,but there are five things that I’ve consistently seen that are tell tale behaviors of badbosses. Playing Favorites I’ve yet to meet a manager or executive who admits to or even believes they are playingfavorites. It’s like bad breath. Everyone […]