People want to be seen

When they are seen, they shine

When they shine, they…

Enhance Engagement, Embrace Inclusion, Accelerate Change

Speaker, Author, and Corporate Relationship Expert

Tony Chatman…

delivers the tools, strategies, and essential psychological shifts needed to better understand the people around us and learn to connect, collaborate, and create in new and powerful ways.

What makes great organizations great? 


If you asked your employees
to picture a workplace with an amazing culture,
would they picture their workplace?

If they didn’t, would it really matter? If your employees like their jobs and they’re making a living, isn’t a “good” or even “average” culture good enough to sustain productivity, retain employees, and attract talent?

Not anymore.

According to SHRM’s 2022 Global Culture Research Report[1],

  • 72% of employees who describe their company culture as average have thought about quitting.
  • 46% of that group report they dread going to work.
  • And of the 32% who describe their culture as good, more than 1 in 5 had actively searched for a new job within the last six months.

Today’s workforce values the transparency, recognition, leadership, teamwork, care, fairness, engagement, and sense of purpose that are the hallmarks of an amazing culture[2]. Therefore, if an amazing culture matters to your leaders and to your organization at least at the level that it matters to your people, you will be able to retain your employees, attract top talent, and drive the kind of engagement that drives high-performance[3].

After 20+ years of asking employees to describe an amazing organizational culture, Tony Chatman knows that they rarely describe their own culture. Instead, they describe an imaginary culture found in that anthology of fairy tales you gave them on Onboarding Day: the employee handbook—a well-meaning but, unfortunately, aspirational document that typically starts with a mission statement and then describes the healthy culture that would provide for the fulfilling of the mission.

But an amazing culture isn’t about your mission;
it’s about your people and creating a place for them to shine.

There are as many diverse industries as there are issues facing those industries, but they all have one thing in common: people. After 1100+ presentations and programs in the US, Canada, the UK, and Bermuda in tech, STEM, finance, media, law enforcement, government, military, healthcare, nonprofit, manufacturing, education, finance, and associations, Tony Chatman can tell you those people in all those diverse industries also have something in common: 

 They want to matter. 

They want to be seen. 

And they want to shine.

If you are not seeing the level of engagement, productivity, collaboration, creativity, and profit that are the hallmarks of a high-performing organization, you did not hire the wrong person. Your employees did not suddenly get lazy or distracted. They aren’t too old, there is nothing inherently whatever about their ethnicity, and there is nothing wrong with their generation; you simply have a culture problem.

Culture problems understandably can appear daunting, overwhelming, and even impossible to solve, especially if you’re on the inside, facing them alone.

But you don’t have to face them alone.

Tony Chatman and his team have made it their mission to help you light up your culture by equipping and empowering everyone in your organization to drive positive change and create an engaged and inclusive workplace environment.

It all starts from the moment you reach out to them.


Forced to attend. Unwilling to leave.

—Favorite anonymous evaluation

[1] SHRM 2022 Global Research Report [2] Company Culture Statistics 2022 [3] Employee Engagement Statistics

Light up your organizational culture today.
Make the call that will make everything easier.

Tony’s Book is a


The Force Multiplier gives leaders at all levels insight and action items to transform people (and their personalities!) into a high-performing team that gets the job done.

Tony Chatman, an expert in human relationships and a sought – after speaker, guides you through his fresh approach to leadership. You will unlock 4 personality types that are in every workplace plus… you will get strategies to manage individuals in all-too-real situations on and away from the job.

“Praise and recognition are the most powerful tools a leader has in her arsenal to motivate and engage employees.”

“If you want to bulletproof your organization from the threat of losing talent to competition, you need to make sure they receive a consistent dose of recognition.”

“Don’t delay decisions worrying about how it will affect everyone. Make the best decision you can and go with it.”

“Take a chance on change. Learn to find comfort in discomfort.”

“Don’t let sentimentality be your weakness and don’t become an enabler for people to not be their best.”

“Tony is a Rockstar! I could end it there, honestly, but to give more context, he is an amazing speaker, engaged our entire company, gave us a safe space to learn and collaborate, and left us more aware than we were coming into the presentation. Unconscious Bias is so important, yet it is such a sensitive topic that requires a certain type of finesse that Tony has mastered. We appreciate his time to come out and help educate us all and look forward to working with him in the future. I am not sure that we could have asked for a better presentation or speaker! Thanks for all you do!

Sade Slaughter
Diversity & Inclusion Vice Chair, Indiana Health Information Chair

“I changed my whole life as a result of hearing a compelling message by Tony Chatman. His lessons and…”

Donna Sims-Wilson
President, Smith Graham & Co. Investment Advisors L.P

“I have taken 7 leadership courses in the last 3 years (including The 4 Roles of Leadership) and this was the best”

Johnnie Powell
National Weather Service

“Your remarks inspired our audience to both make their dreams reality and claim ownership for their actions, despite the outcome. Your unique message and conversational style were effective tools that will certainly resonate in the minds of our audiences.”

Kier Maxwell, Ph.D.
United States Secret Service

“If you are considering engaging Tony Chatman for a speaking event or a training event your are about to make one of the best decisions in your business career. He is a very smart man who will bring nothing short of excellence and passion to your endeavors.”

Marcus Harwood
OND LLC, Managing Partner

“I found what I came for. I felt as though Tony was reading my mind and addressing all of my issues…I left excited and expectant”

Carol Best
Bayhealth Medical Center

“Tony’s conversational style in presenting material, supported by real-life examples engages the audience and makes it a pragmatic learning experience versus just another class.
Tony is a tremendous speaker and presenter. He has the ability to motivate and inspire individuals both within and outside of business settings. He has received the highest marks in post-training surveys from our corporate clients.

Bob Perrin
Magellan Associates LLC

“I think that Tony Chatman certainly is a very talented man. He’s not only a great deliverer of a message but he lives the message that he brings. He’s entertaining, he’s thoughtful, he’s intelligent, and he’s brilliant in how he custom designs the presentations that he brings to meet your needs. He’ll make you look good and your life will never be the same again.”

Les Brown
Motivational Speaker